I have no dreams of becoming PM- Opposition Leader

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    Our party will split into two if all of us dream of the premiership at this juncture, Opposition Leader Nimal Siripala De Silva said

    I have never set my sights on becoming the prime minister but always worked for the victory of the party and I have no objection to the abolishment of the executive powers of the president, he said replying to a question asked by a journalist at the media conference held at the Opposition Leader’s office.

    He also denied the news item that appeared in the social media and newspapers quoting him of being opposed to reducing the executive powers of the president as well as amendments to the existing election system.

    The constitutional amendments prepared by the constitutional committee appointed by the SLFP Central Committee, including himself as the chairman and Anura PriyadarshanaYapa,  Susil Premajayantha, John Senevirathne, and G.L. Pieris, has been forwarded to the Central Committee for review, he said.

    At the request of the CC members, a one week period had been allocated to express their opinions and thereafter it would be submitted to CC for approval, he said.

    Among the proposed amendments are abolishing the executive powers of the president, dissolving of parliament, granting clemency to convicts, appointment of secretaries to the ministries and reduction of the period of presidency from 6 years to 5.

    The prohibition of parliamentarians to change parties had also been included in the Amendments, he said. The SLFP also supports a conducive system of elections, he said